Monday, May 4, 2015

Intro and Guidelines

Well, hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

This blog is about you, it's about people like you, and it's about me.

Who am I? My name is Samantha. I am an aspiring lawyer who loves journalism. I like to talk to people and hear their stories. This blog is for writing down those stories and sharing them with others.

I plan to interview regular Joes about topics of interest, and write down their answers here.

 I will either get their permission to write an article about them,
 or I will write about them in an anonymous fashion.
 There will also be the option of 'name-changing', in case they don't want their real name to be attached to their story.

 Please interact with me on this blog! It will be great to start up conversations and hear what you have to say about the topic at hand! Please feel free to add your thoughts. And while I encourage you to have your own opinion, I would also ask that you respect the opinions of others. I will try to respect yours as well. By commenting on the page, you acknowledge that you have read these guidelines and agreed to them.

 Now, let the fun begin!

 First topic:
 Doing what scares you.
 Have you ever done something that scared you? Maybe because you had to, or because you were terrified that you would fail? If you have, tell me what it was (Let's not be dirty though...) and how you felt afterwards in the comments below! Did you regret it? Did it make you happy? Did you feel empowered because you thought you couldn't do it, but you actually did really well? I'll try to use some of your comments in the article.
 (Ex. Getting a bold haircut, writing a thesis, changing a poo diaper, starting a business, going to college at 31, etc.)

I look forward to hearing from you! Meanwhile, I have some interviewing to do...


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